Jay Rus 


Я хочу тут работать

Jay Rus 

A leader in the tea industry in the Far East with more than 40% market share. Excellent growth prospects and a very professional work enviroment.

We are a renowned age old business group with experience in procurement and blending, serving the people in many countries of the world, namely USA, Australia, Sweden, Sudan and Russia.

Our speciality is Black Tea, Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea. We have a wide range of flavour and speciality tea also. Our product is sold in tea bags and tea packets. We are also renowned for private label packaging.

We are also one of the largest manufactures of Jute bags and Mesh bags of different grades. Jute being bio-degradable material has immense use in agricultural industry, coffee-cocoa industry and geotextile industry. Our jute bags and sheets are exported to USA, Europe and African countries.

Our corporate strength is in its product and services. Our aim is to give pure, natural and valued goods to our customers. We really do care for our customers throughout the day according to their mood and health.

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